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Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
quote consider it urgent. >> rose: move the movie argo tarring and directed by ben affleck is how the canadian ambassador somehow helped some americans during the time of the
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
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Jan 14, 2013 4:00am PST
richard. ben affleck and catherine bigelow had a lot at stake because they had been shut out of the oscar race for best director. in the end ben affleck won and won big. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> reporter: it was a best drama upset. a thriller about the real life iran hostage of the late '70s. "argo's" director ben affleck won just days after being snubbed for a nomination by the academy awards. >> don't care what the award is when they put your name next to the name that she just read off it's an extraordinary thing in your life. >> reporter: no surprises in the acting category. >> it's a beautiful feeling to reserve this encouragement. >> reporter: best actor went to daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." three big wins on the night for less miserables. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will forever more use as a weapon against self-doubt. >> reporter: honors for best actress in a comedy went to jennifer lauren. best supporting actor went to "djang "django unchained." and claire danes won best actress but damien lewis won as best actor. hbo's girls pulle
Jan 15, 2013 12:35am PST
-screen response. here's abc's nick watt. >> and the golden globe goes to ben affleck, "argo." >> reporter: the best direct over the year. everyone loves "argo." seven nominations, $110 million in ticket sales. >> it's wildly entertaining. i like this movie very much. >> reporter: but some brits don't love "argo." in the movie they say their ambassador turned away the americans on the run. my first reaction was outrage. i have since simmered down, he adds in a british fashion. and canadians don't love "argo" either. their ambassador was reduced to a bit part player. they made a tv movie called "escape from iran" the canadian caper. now bold ben previewed "argo" in toronto. he got steak and amended the postscript caption to give canada a little more credit. and in iran they don't like "argo" at all. it's banned and they claim the great satan gave away tickets to fill theaters for this quote, ahistoric work of propaganda. the government green lit a different version of the events. the movie entitled "the general staff" will be released. ben affleck has spurned a diplomatic brouhaha. i think
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
in the oscar race, in the end it was ben affleck who won and he won big. >> the golden globe goes to -- >> it was a real thriller hostage. >> "argo." >> and argo's director, ben affleck, also won, days after being snubbed by a nomination for the academy awards. >> i don't care what the award is, when they put your name against the names she just read off, it's an extraordinary thing. >> jessica chastain won best actress for "zero dark thirty." and best actor to daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." >> sincere thanks. >> reporter: they wins on the night for "les miserables," best actor, and best supporting actress. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will forever more use as a weapon against self doubt. honers for best actress went to jessica lawrence, best supporting actor went to kristoff voltz, and homeland won for a second year in a row. this time damien lewis also won address best actor. "girls" pulled a double surprise winning best comedy and best actress in a comedy. >> i thought i was going to be cooler customer if this ever happened, which i didn't think it would. >
FOX News
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
for bronchitis related calf. it was argo's revenge. >> the golden globe goes to ben affleck, ben affleck. >> he scored a standing ovation for winning best director. the iran hostage thriller won best drama. ben affleck was snubbed for an oscar nomination he paid tribute to the man who made the film. >> represents the clandestine service and foreign service makes sacrifices for us every day. the troops overseas i want to thank them very much. >> lincoln star daniel day-lewis took home best actor. best traumatic actress went to jessica chaste teen for zero dark 30. les mis won three globes including best musical or comedy and hugh jackman for best actor he was there even though he has the flu. the golden globes made home land feel right at home. claire danes won best actress. that is your 5@5:00. >> i haven't seen any of those movies. >> today marks one month since the tragic school shooting in newtown, connecticut. vice president joe biden is getting ready to offer his recommendations on curbing gun violence. kelly wright is live with more of what's happening today. >>> good morning heather. jus
Jan 28, 2013 6:18pm EST
unidos le concedio Ó su mÁxima distinciÓn a la pelicula pelicula dirigida por ben affleck quedo Ó con el premio a mejor reparto y continÚa sumando distinciones que lo posicionan en un lugar privilegiado en su carrera para lograr el oscar a mejor pelÍcula. ..estos premios suelen ser un claro indicio de lo que ocurrirÁ en la entrega del oscar...
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
it urgent. >> rose: move the movie argo tarring and directed by ben affleck is how the canadian ambassador somehow helped some americans during the time of the iranian hostage taking to survive and get out. we talked to the actual ambassador ken taylor the form canadian ambassador to iran. >> our thought was ys they were canadians, that was our fundamental starting point. we didn't quite care what they did in tehran. the movie team that we thought would work, canadians movie team. sympathetic to the revolution, whereas the u.s. of course couldn't send the movie team. and then at the u.s., there was no moon in the united states at the time to be sympathetic to the revolution. that format in our minds would be effecti in influencing the iranians to quickly pass them through and do what they could to help. >> rose: torture the movie, zero dark 30, the ambassador and the movie argo when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: the debate over the legitimacy of torture is in the high lines surrounding the new fi
Jan 14, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> hollywood, the 70th golden globe awards, they did not go according to script. never do. ben affleck won the award for best director. take that, academy voters. his film "argo" upset "lincoln" to take the top prize for best dramatic film. michelle turner has more on the big winners and best moments from the golden globes. >> it's getting slop where i in here, everybody. look hot drunk glen close is. >> the golden globes are usually one big irreverent party and co-hosts tina fey and amy poehler kept the zingers coming. >> i'm catherine bigelow. >> when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> the drinks and jokes were flowing, but there were, you know, awards to be handed out. guess who had the best reason to celebrate. >> "argo. "i. >> the iran hostage thriller earned the night's biggest prize, best drama, and director ben affleck who didn't receive an oscar nomination this year was a winner as well. >> i don't care what the award is. when they put your name next to the names that she just read off, it's an extraordinary thing in your life.
Jan 14, 2013 6:00am PST
directed by ben affleck beat out lincoln and zero dark thirty and ben affleck got honors for argo and other winners included les miserables for best picture, musical or comedy. and jessica choose -- chastain for zero dark thirty and daniel day-lewis for lincoln and you can watch oscars right here on sunday, february 24. >> thank you for that french lesson. >> it took it for seven years and it is still not too great. >> police jump in action after a man is trapped under a taxi. it is all caught on camera. >> a new twist on gun buy backs. what else a county is asking residents do bring in besides firearms. >> a little bit warmer outside today but not by much. we will tell you why and show you how people are coping in this cold. that is coming up next. >> good morning, the abc7 traffic center, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights are on and the car pool lanes are getting by just fine and fast track lanes, as well. a new accident reported in the fremont area. we will have an update for you >> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, monday a
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
nominations were full of surprises and flubs. >> argo, ben affleck and george clooney producers. >> lincoln came out on top along with life of pi and snubs fell in the director category, as many critics shocked argo did not receive a nomination for best director. perhaps the biggest fan of argo is the man who inspired ben affleck's character. >> reporter: you can see from the many paintings in his studio that tony mendes has mastered the art. he is also a master of deception. >> that's the heart and soul of being a spy is being able to role play and make things look real. >> reporter: mendes is a former cia clandestine officer and the man behind the officer that successfully snuck six american diplomats out of iran during the hostage crisis in 1979. >> some embellishment was needed because that's what motion pictures are all about. it's not a history lesson. it's a feeling. >> reporter: after keeping the operation secret for years and with the blessing of the cia mendes wrote the book argo, the story of a phoney film production he set up as a front to smuggle the american diplomat out of
Jan 14, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> the big winner was "argo." >> huge night for "argo" and ben affleck. >> "lincoln" had seven nominations. but "argo," ben affleck was snubbed a couple of days ago at the oscar nominations and came in and took the best director award away from spielberg. >> that's huge. >> and "argo" wins best picture. also this was one that "lincoln" was a shoe in to win. >> daniel day lewis will probably get the oscar. but a big upset last night. >> this is great. "argo" is the golden globes is a grit promotional vehicle to watch the movies into the final stretch going towards the oscars. tomorrow, you watch how those ticket sales go up for "argo." >> and the big winner on the tv side of things. >> "homeland." three years ago it was all about "breaking bad" but now it's "homeland." very, very interesting thing it's about terrorism, foreign policy, middle east and everything else. very, very good win for "homeland." this is the new "sopranos," the new "breaking bad." or "mad men." >> a surprise appearance from a very noteworthy president. >> the president of the united states, the ex-president, bill clin
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
. "amore." nominees to be undetermined. >> "django unchained." and "argo." ben affleck and george clooney producers. >> "argo" has been nominated. somebody tell cranston he can unchurch his teeth now. >>> welcome back, everybody. i'm soledad o'brien, joined by showbiz tonight anchor. a.j. hammer. >> first we know what is nominated for this year's academy awards. we want to go tony shell turn t tu nischelle turner. >> the academy has the leeway to nominate five to ten pictures, they nominated ten movies, "amar'e r "amore." "lincoln," "silver linings playbook." "zero dark thirty." the best actor category, a strong category but a big snub it seems in this category. nominees are bradley cooper, daniel day lewis, hugh jackman, denzel washington, and no john hawkes for "the sessions." a lot of people thought he would get it. best actress. jessica chastain, jennifer laurence, naomi watts, guvenzhane wallis. and naomi watts. such a great performance. we also had the supporting categories, this, again, for the men, a very strong category, this year the nominees for best supporting actor are alan a
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am EST
wants to waterboard the committee. >> the ben affleck snub, sin the movie was about to be released, everybody was talking about ben not only as best actor, but also best director. to see it get neither of those is really surprising. but in the best picture category, we'll see what happens. >> and quevenzhene wallis. everybody will learn her name. >> she was fantastic. she was a kid. that great was great for louisiana and film industry down there. . it's terrific. those who have not seen the movies can spend the next few weeks before the ceremony itself. >> thanks, guys, for helping us out. we certainly appreciate it. coming up tomorrow, we'll talk to muhammad ali's daughter. news with carol costello starts right now. i'll see everybody back here for "starting point." hey, carol. ♪ >>> stories we're watching right now in the news room, the nation's flu outbreak spreads, the death toll gross and one major american city declares a state of emergency. we'll tell you what you need to know in the scary flu season. plus this -- >> the president is going to action. there are executive or
Jan 28, 2013 2:00am PST
cast. the actual ensemble award went to "argo." director and star ben affleck praised not only his cast but everyone. >> wanted to kill it. to make the movie better because that's what actors do all over the world every day, god bless you. thank you so much for making the movies that you make and the television that you make. >> it was a good show. only two hours. so, a very quick show as well. the night's other big winners included bryan cranston for breaking bad. i think he looked shocked. anne hathaway and jennifer lawrence became oscar front-runners with their wins. and daniel day-lewis might have the lock on best actor at the oscars. >> the big winner at our household. i was watching it with my 2-year-old. i was watching the red carpet stuff. every time you came on, he was riveted. i'm just telling you, i have a real michelle friend >> i have a boyfriend. i have a boyfriend. >> it's true. it's true. we'll talk about your intentions later. >>> another win for ben affleck and argo. is it out front in the best picture race? >> yeah, it definitely has the momentum going into the oscars
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
of the senate finance committee who is from massachusetts. and who, like ben affleck, now lives in los angeles. >> have you ever thought about running for public office yourself? >> i do have a great fondness and i admire the political process in the country. it is a big deal to come down and be on your show that i watched so much. but i won't get into speculation about my political future. >> come on, if ben affleck can be taken that seriously for the massachusetts senate seat, why can't i? okay, ben affleck is a lot better actor, screen writer, director and producer than i am, but i know like so much more than he does about governing. well, domestic governing, anyway. look, you know, i mean he knows a lot more than i do about a lot of foreign policy stuff. the middle east, africa, but that stuff is not going to be involved in the debt ceiling negotiations. i cannot believe it has come to this. that i have to float my own name to get in this mix for this senate appointment. you know how embarrassing this is. i know barney frank, he had no problem floating his name for the seat. he told the go
Jan 13, 2013 11:30am PST
at the golden globes. "argo" isn't just ben affleck's achievement. remember who produced it. it's george clooney. i think we're going to see at least "argo" take best director for ben affleck. but probably best picture. too. that's very controversial. because remember, "argo" was not nominated for best director at the oscars this week. and normally you need those parallel nominations for picture and director to go all the way. but i think we're going to see something amazing tonight that could be the game-changer of oscar season. >> i watched that movie last night. i'm a fan of history, it's a very, very good film. tom o'neill, editor of thanks very much for the progostication. we'll see how it all plays out. thank you. >>> only three states that managed to avoid this menace so far. you know what i'm talking about -- it's the flu. chances are you've either had it or you're really trying hard not to get it we've have tips on how to avoid the epidemic. a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for
Jan 27, 2013 4:30pm PST
ben affleck coming. bring him on in. >> these guys have to go. >> let us go. >> i'm sorry. they're taking them away from me and bringing in ben affleck. it's a good night for me. thank you. good luck. you look gorgeous. >> gosh, all right. thank you. >> come on in. >> come on in, fellow. how are you? >> i'm great. what a great couple of actors you just had on there. aren't they spectacular. >> i was just telling them i believe those roles they played were made for them and, of course, they say it was made for the actors that did it on broadway, but they were so good. >> the actors that did it on broadway were great and they were every bit as great. they're incredible and that show was incredible. i wouldn't be surprised at all if they were awarded for that. but it's really cool to get to run into really talented people like that when you come to these shows. >> let's let the fawning tonight because "argo" has been kind of a movie that everybody loved but no one expected it would start just cleaning up. last night you guys won the producers guild. tonight you're up again for cast
FOX News
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
so. i have a few written down. >> eric: my favorite moment is when ben affleck won the award for "argo." watch what he did and we'll tell you about it afterwards. watch. >> this is about tony mendez, american hero, represents the clandestine and foreign service to make sacrifices on behalf of the troops every day. i want to thank them very much. >> eric: first, he thanked the military. bill clinton walks out and gets a standing ovation. place goes crazy. ben affleck thanks the military, pull the shot up now. check out who was not clapping. there is richard gere not clapping. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> eric: mel gibson, not clapping. robert downey junior not clapping. harvey weinstein not clapping and denzel washington. they don't even clap. >> dana: could it be they weren't listening? >> bob: he sounds like -- >> andrea: the minute the camera went on them, the camera panned the room after he said that. as soon as the stars, always the actor knew they were on camera, they were like -- >> eric: yeah, yeah. military, great, great. >> kimberly: that was freaky you just went all mad
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
unchained. >> and argo. ben affleck and george clooney producers. >> lincoln, received the most nomination west side 12. dan lewis was given the best nod. and the oldest nominee every in the film amore. >> and wallace was the youngest nominee and best actress for her role as spirited role. she missed the announcement but she celebrates with chicken and waffles and pizza which is the way to go. >> carolyn: there were a notable high profile snubs. ben affleck did not get a directing nomination for argo. >> and django, quentin tarantino was left off the list. katherine bigelow, she was snubbed because of the controversy over her film's of torture and suggestion that it led to the information that brought about the death of osama bin laden. i'm told that because there are ten films in the best picture category, there are only five director slots for best director. that is why you have the imbalance. >> carolyn: and only nine pictures were chosen. new rules are confusing. >> imagine if they had ten of everything. >> and seth mcfarland is hosting the oscar show. >> what we can look forward to. >
Jan 10, 2013 5:30pm PST
affleck passed over for "argo." today, best actor nominee bradley cooper said ben affleck was robbed. the best actress category features the oldest and the youngest nominees ever. 86-year-old emmanuelle riva and 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis. on the phone with cnn, she was giddy as a schoolgirl. >> you know what a big deal that is? >> do i ever! >> reporter: she is a schoolgirl, in her first role, now up for best actress. david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> and how cool are they in hollywood? so cool, steven spielberg, helen hunt and jennifer lawrence all said they slept through the big announcement. only bradley cooper admitted he woke up early to watch with his mom and his dog. and we'll be watching here on abc, on february 24th. thank you for being with us tonight. we're always working for you at "nightline" later. and i'll see you again tomorrow. >>> a cold weather snap leaves snow on the bay area's highest peaks and what more to expect. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. as i look from the east bay hills, temperatures will fall and how frosty cold it will get by m
Jan 14, 2013 4:00am PST
." >> to the escape drama, "argo." >> best motion picture, "argo." >> ben affleck, "argo." >> these nominees are exceptional talents. i truly to god never expected i'd be in the same breath as them. >> reporter: ben affleck beat back huge competition to take home best director. the award may be evenly sweeter since he was snubbed for an ward nomination. >> and the award goes to daniel day-lewis. >> reporter: award's favorite won one. daniel day-lewis was honored for his portrayal of the nation's 16th president. the 42nd president bill clinton made a surprise appearance to introduce the film. another surprise came during actress jodie foster's acceptance speech with the cecilb. demill's lifetime achieve&award. she addressed long-time rumors of her sexuality. >> i already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age. >> reporter: the ak lates don't stop here. the 85th academy awards to be handed out next month. john blackstone, cbs news, hollywood. >>> coming up on the "morning news," not your ordinary day at the beach. a family witnesses an inc
Jan 5, 2013 12:00am PST
of my list was ben affleck and matt damon. so i may call you one day. >> yeah, we would do that. tavis: yeah, i appreciate that. i got you on film saying that, too. [laughter] but i had you guys on this -- there were a few other people. we were talking about cornel west earlier -- my dear and abiding friend, cornel west and i have a great relationship. but i have been immeasurably benefitted by having someone for the balance of my career who has a long-distance runner with me, and one can't overestimate, overstate, what it means to have somebody who is a true friend that runs with you all the way to the end, you can count on them. for your children, you have children, your greatest, one of your greatest wishes has to be for them that they will find a lifelong friend, as you've had with ben -- >> without a doubt. without a doubt. tavis: -- who's going to run this race with you from start to finish. >> yeah. tavis: that's a long introduction to ask what it is, if you can put it into words, that has meant so much to you about this particular friendship, this particular relationship. >> we
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
and won for best director. ben affleck, i think they would love to see him nominated. >> if you don't know who i am, pretend i'm donnie osmond. >> reporter: with a preview of what to expect on oscar night, seth mcfarlane was joined on stage this morning by actress emma stone. the race is officially on for the 85th academy awards with nominees doing the red carpet rounds until oscar's big night february 24th n. new york, ashley devorakan, fox news. >> the speculation has begin. who will win? >> i have my favorites. >> you have seen notch them, right? and you're not supposed to tell our secrets come. on. >> and let's be honest. enough time to watch them wife. >> absolutely. >> and three kids are married. >> right. can you watch argo. >> yeah. and that is true. >> and anyway, let's go with what is happening out there. you had to like today. >> beautiful. >> and that means so good and i am going to be perfectly honest with you. it, you know, i always say this happened. it got warmer than we thought, and i have yet to hear a complaint. the temperatures in the mid- 50s, the high for the day just
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am EST
" director was not nominated and neither were "les mis'" tom cooper and "argo's" ben affleck. they all received directors' guild of america nominations which usually indicates an oscar nod is coming. two nominees are making history. 85-year-old emmanuel reva is the oldest actress ever nominated in that category. the 9-year-old wallace of "beast of the southern wild" is the youngest. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. >> some good news last night though for ben affleck. he and the movie best director and best film won the critic's choice awards. >> for "argo." >> excellent. >> after being snubbed in the oscars. >> good morning and thank you for not snubbing us and watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> cheers and happy friday. did you know it
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am PST
and it got snubbed is argo. ben affleck. not nominated. what's going on? >> his prior affiliation with j-lo has come back to haunt him. >> no, no. >> not true. argo has gotten a lot of other nominations including best suspecting actor and screen play among others. ben affleck not on the list of best director. that's really bizarre because a film like argo where you know the ending was really created by his way of making tension -- >> i couldn't breathe the whole time. i was so nervous. >> exactly. i felt like i too was in the movie in iran as a hostage. the only thing i can figure out is he is an actor turned director and the academy is trying to do a favor by separating him from the fellow. >> gray, gray. she didn't act. zero dark 30. no dies. >> another snub. zero dark 30 is similar to argo. you know the ending and it is quite an achievement in direction. this movie has so much tension and is this slow burn up to an enormous finish that i think was made largely in part because of katherine bigelow. she won for "the hurt locker" and she is spectacular, but she should have been recognize
Jan 11, 2013 3:00am PST
's nominated for best picture in the academy awards. benefit -- ben affleck not nominated for best director. >> bill: quentin tarantino not nominated. >> katherine bigelow not nominated for best director. >> bill: someone pointed out last night one of the shows i was watching, that's bound to happen when you have ten pictures now up for best picture. in the academy awards. at any rate, ben affleck did have his night last night however. he was chosen best director. >> i would like to thank the academy. [ applause ] i'm kidding. i'm kidding. this is the one that counts. >> bill: a little dig at the academy. >> good for him. >> bill: how about that. so it's getting that exciting time of the year. and now time to go out and see these movies so that you're not totally left flatfoot when the academy awards turn around. michael tomasky from the "daily beast" is going to be here as a "friend of bill" little bit later in the hour. we'll also be talking about one of the authors of that astounding health report we talked about yesterday peter. that actually, the united states is not faring very well a
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
? 371 people did these nominations. it is not just captain bigelow, i was surprised ben affleck was not nominated. >> rose: we all would have nominated for best director ben affleck. >> we prove he directed three features and gets better and better, quentin tarantino as well. >> when i compar them to the directors guild nominations addressed two days ago and have 15,000 members voting perhaps a better cross-section of the industry, well, it was spielberg and ang lee, but they nominated tom hooper, and excuse me i just blanked for a second i had it in my head a second ago, ben affleck and captain bigelow, so what happened was that -- excellent -- but ben assign lynn and michael hanukkah cannot be crying these two wonderful directors, one who first time made a feature for $1.8 million in new orleans and michael hanukkah considered one of the greatest directors in the world, i am pleased they are in there but i am shocked a film like argo or zero dark 30 which earned many other nominations managed to leave out the director which preferred the ones we just acknowledged. >> rose: how
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> that was all before ben affleck declared he wouldn't run for the john kerry seat and didn't want to be appointed as the senator from massachusetts. i, then, patiently waited for media speculation to turn to another son of massachusetts who had settled in los angeles and achieved well, a little less success in show business than ben affleck, you know, like maybe one emmy to his one oscar. i waited and waited and waited. and then last night i actually had to float my own name. i had to float it myself. right here on this program. and then i asked you for your advice on whether i should call up the governor, call up duval patrick today and remind him of my service in the senate, including chief of staff of two committees, first the committee on the environment and pickup works. and then, more importantly the committee on finance. you know, i could maybe tell the governor some more stories about how i pushed through the biggest tax increase in history 20 years ago, maybe entertain him with some of the funny stuff that happened on the senate floor when the republicans were not half as
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
arrived. >> the stars lining up on our "e.t." platform. our producers' audio behind the chaos. >> cue ben affleck right in front of our "e.t." platform. all these photographers are now gathering around. >> "e.t." cameras everywhere. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> capturing the candid moments you never see. >> thank you. >>> plus, ben and justin at the bar. jessica chastain's dressing room. sofia. and tina and alex. >> the winners with me picking up their trophies. >> i'm stupid with happiness. >>> and jennifer's dress malfunction. and red faced with her folks.
Jan 14, 2013 2:30pm PST
surprise of the night came when the front- runner, "lincoln," lost out to ben affleck's "argo." it tells of how six american diplomats were rescued from tehran. actress jodie foster was honored in a lifetime achievement award -- with a lifetime achievement award. in a moving speech, she confirmed long-running speculation that she is gay. this year marty award's 70th anniversary. the golden globes are thought to be a key -- this year marked the awward's 70th anniversary. the golden globes are thought to be a key indicator of the oscars. >> there were no upsets in the first round of the australian open. >> all of the top seeds have progressed. novak djokovic beat paul henri- mathieu. maria sharapova needed under an hour to dispatch puchkova. >> we are going to a short break. when we come back, the tunisian state auctions off the dictators luted wealth -- looted we alth. >> thanks for staying with us. >> welcome back. to india, where five men charged with king raping a student who later died have -- with ganggrapin -- gang-raping a student who later died have appeared in court. >> police ar
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